YF-S201 Flow Sensor

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The sensor has a standard 1/2″ coupling (21 mm) on both sides and is therefore easy to connect to, for example, a gardena garden system.(check the images for an example, gardena coupling is not supplied with this product!)

The output of the sensor gives 5 pulses per second  with a duty cycle of approximately 50% for each liter of fluid passing through per minute: Q [L/min] = fpulse [Hz]/5.


  • Voltage range: 5-15V
  • Pulse frequency per L/min: 5Hz
  • Measuring range: 1-30L/min (with an accuracy of +-10%)
  • Maximum water pressure: 1.75MPa
  • Working temperature: -25-80oC
  • Duty cycle pulse: 50% +-10%
  • Voltage pulse (with 5V as input voltage): 4.7V


  • Red: Vcc/plus (5-15V)
  • Black: GND/min
  • Yellow: Signal

Example with a similar sensor. Adjust the next piece of code on line 17:

float calibrationFactor = 4.5;


float calibrationFactor = 5;

Note: The liquid can only run in one direction, this is indicated by an arrow!

1 in stock


GHS 60.00

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With this sensor you can easily measure the flow of liquids (water).


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