801S Vibration Shock Sensor Module

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Quick Overview

The module output is normally LOW and outputs a series of random HIGH pulses when a vibration or shock is detected.  The on-board LED is normally ON and goes OFF momentarily or appears to flicker when a shock is detected.  It can take up to 2 seconds for the output to return to a steady LOW after the shock/vibration is removed


Operating Ratings  Vcc Range 3.0 – 9V
Maximum Current < 2mA @ 5V
 Logic high Pulled toward Vcc
Logic Low < 0.2V
Dimensions L x W (PCB) 35 x 11.5mm  (1.4 x 0.45″)

3 in stock


GHS 60.00

The 801S Vibration Sensor Module is a sensitive micro shock detecting sensor that operates by changing its resistance when a shock or vibration is detected.


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