PH Sensor

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Quick Overview

pH stands for potential Hydrogen, and it tells us whether a solution or substance is BASIC (pH above 7.0), ACIDIC (pH below 7.0) or NEUTRAL (pH of 7.0).

Our analog pH sensor, specially designed for Arduino controllers is easy to use and can be used as a plug and play solution to measure pH value of a solution without any additional circuit required.
It has an LED which works as the Power Indicator, a BNC connector and PH2.0 sensor interface.
To use it, just connect the pH sensor with BNC connector, and plug the PH2.0 interface into the analog input port of any Arduino controller. With a simple program to ready analog voltage, you will get the pH value easily.

• Power : 5.00V
• Module Size : 43 x 32mm(1.69×1.26″)
• Measuring Range :0 – 14PH
• Measuring Temperature: 0 – 60 deg c
• Accuracy : ± 0.1pH
• Response Time : < 1min
• pH Sensor with BNC Connector

• Gain Adjustment Potentiometer
• Power Indicator LED

5 in stock


GHS 280.00

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