Invent Robotics Starter Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to dive into the world of robots

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The Invent Robotics Starter Kit includes everything you need to dive into the world of robots. It comes with enough components to allow you to complete most robotics involving microcontrollers without having to source individual parts. Our robot kit uses the Arduino Uno microcontroller as its main processor and 2 wheel drive robotics chassis as it’s the main body.

It contains in addition to the microcontroller a lot of sensors, actuators, passive components and more. It costs much less than buying the individual components. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will appreciate all that the Invent.! Robotics Kit has to offer. You will surely enjoy tinkering with your robotics kit and will be able to do lots of cool stuff

If you’re looking for inspiration for what to create with this value pack of parts, watch out for our all complete list of wonderful projects and complete tutorial lessons which include videos. The Invent Robotics Starter Kit will surely give you more than you bargained for!



The Invent Robotics Starter Kit contains the following parts:


  • 2 Wheel Drive Robotics Chassis Kit – 1


  • Arduino Uno R3 with USB Cable – 1


  • Ultrasonic Sensor – 1
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor – 2


  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module – 1


  • L298N Full H-Bridge Motor Driver – 1

Other Components

  • LED red – 3
  • LED green – 3
  • Resistors ( 220ohms, 1K) – 5 each
  • BC547 NPN transistor – 2
  • Piezo Buzzer (Active) – 1


  • Mini breadboard – 1
  • Male to male jumper wires – 40pcs
  • Male to Female Jumper Wires – 40pcs
  • Female to Female jumper wires – 20pcs
  • SPST Switch – 2pcs


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