The Invent Electronics Prototyping Service is a premium service where we design, engineer and build prototypes of electronic products for students, inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and large companies alike.

Our expert product design team takes your ideas raw ideas and turns them into reality through rapid electronic prototype design and development.

Our prototyping lab is equipped with all the equipment necessary to fully fabricate your product.

For Students

We listen to your school engineering project ideas and we give you expert design and engineering advice on how to turn your idea into a functioning electronic project that you can demonstrate to your lecturers and professors.

We can also help you with different parts of the project development process such as block diagram design, schematic design, selection of components,  enclosure design, PCB Design, PCB Population, Software Development and Documentation.

Since 2012, we have worked with students in all major universities in Ghana, offering them excellent prototyping services which exceeded their expectations.

For Entrepreneurs, Startups and Inventors

We can help you turn your ideas into a working prototype to help you evaluate your ideas further, or demonstrate to your own customers or investors.  Whether it be used for testing or an investor presentation, we want to build you a prototype to fit your needs entirely.

We know that every product, project, and inventor are different, so we offer many different services around design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to fit your needs.

One of the keys to our success in this area is our partnerships with our electronics components suppliers,  PCB suppliers, firmware developers, as well as our own experienced design team.

We offer a full, turnkey solution to ensure that you come with an idea and leave with a prototype, with us taking responsibility for everything in between.

Our Services

Here’s the full range of services that we provide to you


Our team listens to your idea, helps you refine the idea and gives you the best suggestions which will help you bring your idea to life.

Block diagram and schematic design

Our engineers break down your idea into an easy-to-understand block diagram and a detailed and comprehensive schematic design that you can follow to build your own circuit if you want to.

Components selection and pricing

Our engineers help you select the best components for your project to achieve the best results taking into consideration important parameters like efficiency, power consumption, reliability and cost.

PCB design and printing

Based on your schematic and component selection, our engineers will design and print a custom PCB for your prototype to give your project or product a professional look.

PCB Population and Assembly

 We will populate your PCB and neatly solder all the different electronic components that go unto your PCB using state of the art soldering and PCB making equipment.

Firmware development

Our embedded systems engineers will develop the firmware that will run on your microcontroller or development platform and will interface between your sensors and actuators.

Enclosure Design and Printing

We work with a team of awesome mechanical and industrial engineers experienced in industrial design, 3D CAD Modelling, 3D printing, laser cutting etc, to design a beautiful laser cut or 3D printed enclosure for your project.


Our team will provide easy-to-understand technical documentation on your prototype that you can include in your report.

Want to prototype a new product?

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Express charges will apply if you want your project faster

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