Who We Are

Invent Electronics – a limited liability company based in Kumasi, Ghana – is a fast growing distributor of electronic components and provider of electronic engineering consultancy in Ghana and Africa.

We are dedicated to building long term relationship with customers through continuous customer and we have a strong commitment to customer service

Our mission is to become the most preferred source of electronic  as well as a leader in the provision of electronic engineering consultancy services in Ghana and Africa.

Our Mission and Vision

[su_quote]We are committed to making electronic components available to all at unbeatable prices and providing quality electronic engineering consultancy services with a strong commitment to excellent customer service.[/su_quote]

We want you to be able to think Invent Electronics when you need the right component for your project. We are committed to providing services with speed, and accuracy and are working towards ensuring same day delivery of your orders as well as 24/7 processing of orders.

We at Invent Electronics believe in doing what’s right for the customer, and that’s getting that order right and delivered on time every time and providing that service with speed and accuracy.


Our Community Initiative

Part of our mission at Invent Electronics is to try to reach as many different young people and students as possible to show everyone how fun, relevant and accessible the world of  electronics is. We  believe in embedded electronics as a useful tool to help solve some of Africa’s pressing problems.

We believe young people learning electronics can develop their innovative potential and solve problems around them, from designing simple communication systems to communicate among themselves, to complex energy meters to prevent wastage of energy and much more.

This has caused us to introduce our Invent Ambassador program where we give back to community by organizing outreaches to schools, organizing and participating in Maker Faires, symposiums and conferences; hold free classes for students and other young people on electronics, prototyping  microcontrollers and more.

We’d love to hear about other events or opportunities to get involved in the community – if you’ve got ideas, we’re listening! Feel free to email us at info@inventelectronics.com